Special products


On this page you can find the special products we sell from time to time. All these products are brand new, older models or ex demo equipment (when marked as this). Packagings or manuals are missing or packagings or products have some transport marks or scratches. The price is based on specified flaws, however, the products always come with full warranty and service:


VAN DEN HUL ARRAY S-1 stereo power amplifier and M-1 mono amplifiers. New Old Stock from manufacturer and distributor. Comes with 3 years of full warranty. Our price: € 1.500,= for the S-1, € 2.500,= for a pair of M-1’s.

VAN DEN HUL ARRAY P(assive)-1 an A(ctive)-1 pre-amplifier. New Old Stock from manufacturer and distributor. Comes with 3 years of full warranty. Our price: € 1.000,= for the P-1, € 1.500,= for the A-1

Kanzy Kaam 1000. The only one ever build! All others were Kaam 800’s. Upgraded 2017 version with phono! Ex demo unit. Our price € 12.500,=

Trafomatic Experience Line One pre- and Experience Elegance power amplifier. Models will be replaced by the Evolution line and because of that they become old models. Amplifiers has been used as demo units only, because of that they are close to new.  Set comes with original packagings, one year of full warranty and a quad of  SED Winged-C  6550 tubes! Our price € 3.000,= 

Trafomatic Phono Paradise Phono amplifier, 3 inputs (MM rca, MC rca and MC xlr) Custom made version of the Reference phono One. Our price € 1.750,=

Trafomatic Belus Hybrid amplifier. 2 x 100 Watt. Used for the 6Moons review! Ex review model. Sold!

ESS Labs AMT LE loudspeakers, Walnut finish. Transportmarks on speakers and canape, no packagings! Delivered by ESS in April 2017, ex demo units. Sold!

ZYX Ultimate Airy MC cartridge. Output 0,24 mV, missing carton of packaging. Brand new. Sold!

ZYX R50 Bloom MC cartridge. Output 0,48 mV, missing protection cover. Ex show model. Sold!


This page will be updated on a day to day base, so if the item you are looking for is not on it, please check again tomorrow!