Special products

On this page you can find the special products we sell from time to time. All these products and tubes are brand new, older models or ex demo equipment (when marked as this). Packagings or manuals are missing or packagings or products have some transport marks or scratches. The price is based on specified flaws, however, the products always come with full warranty and service:


Van den Hul/ARRAY amplifiers, New Old Stock, sealed boxes and 1 year of full warranty!

Passive P1 pre amplifier: € 1.250,=

Active A1 pre amplifier: € 1.450,=

Stereo S1 power amplifier: € 1.750,=

Mono M1 power amplifier, set of 2: € 3.500,=



Pluto Audio 12A Rio Pro, 2021 model, ex demo unit Pluto Audio.

Comes with a Reed/IKEDA/SME mount, no tonearm included!

Price: SOLD!


Pluto Audio 14A Rio Pro, 2021 model, ex demo unit Pluto Audio.

Comes with an SME mount, no tonearm included!

Price: SOLD!


Pair of BHC 1733 loudspeakers, 3 months old, full warranty


Matched quad Svetlana KT-88 =C= tubes, NOS, never used!


Trafomatic ARIES Integrated 6L6 Single Ended Amplifier, with remote. 2 x 6 Watts Class A. 

Our price: SOLD!!

6 x McIntosh KT88 tubes (SET =C= from Russia).


CUSTOM MADE Trafomatic Experience Two mkII integrated 300B amplifier

RUBY RED/GOLD finish, EML 300B Mesh tubes, SOLD!

This page will be updated on a day to day base, so if the item you are looking for is not on it, please check again tomorrow!